Welcome to my Travel Shopping Blog! 

I am off to India again with the excitement and anticipation as if it is my first time.  I love so many things about, it that my list would be long.  

Each time I have gone I've had requests about this silver bangle, that pashmina stole or "where did you get those earrings".  So I've started this blog with all of you in mind, that I would love to tuck into my suitcase, and take you shopping with me but simply can't.
(I do need room to bring back all of my treasures!)

While I am there I will be posting treasures often, if not daily, so if you fall in love with anything let me know!


  1. Have fun Kerri and please bring something exciting back. This is a neat site. Thanks for thinking about all of us.

  2. Thank you Cam, Please sign up so you can see what I am posting!